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Contest December 5, 2014: Win a Kindle HD 6

Dubbed The Masked Kidnapper, Gwen Pegram’s new novel

Dear Fans of The Missing Five:

Author Gwen Pegram is excited about her newest novel, Dubbed The Masked KidnapperKindle.

The author’s goal is to sell as many books as possible on release day, Friday, December 5.

In order to reach that goal, every purchaser’s name will be entered in a contest to win a Kindle 6″ HD Display, Wi-Fi, Front and Rear Cameras, 8 GB.



Contest Rules

  • Contestants MUST purchase paperback version of Dubbed The Masked Kidnapper, “online” on the day of release (Friday, December 5, 2014) in order to be entered into the contest.
  • Email online receipt to You will receive an email confirmation that receipt was received.
  • Purchaser’s name is entered into the contest for every book purchased. (Example: If you purchase five books on one receipt, your name is entered into the contest five times.)
  • The drawing will take place on December 12, 2014 and the winner will be notified by Noon ET that day.
  • Purchaser agrees in order to qualify to win the Kindle 6 HD, he/she cannot return for refund or exchange the novel for another item.
  • The author, Gwen Pegram, will have the Kindle shipped directly to the winner from Amazon “as a gift,” using standard shipping service (3-5 business days).
  • The winner must provide her/his address once notified she/he is the winner.
  • Your email with receipt is also your acceptance of the rules of the contest.
  • For contest purposes, only the paperback can be purchased. An e-book does not qualify.
  • The novel can be purchased from any reputable online bookstore (examples: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.)
  • The contest is only for Dubbed The Masked Kidnapper.

The author hopes you help her reach her goal.

Dubbed The Masked Kidnapper makes great holiday gifts and stocking stuffers. Buy one for all your friends, coworkers, and family. (REMEMBER: the more books purchased, the higher your chance is to win a Kindle HD 6).

The winner should receive the Kindle 6 HD the week of December 15, in time for the holidays.

Thank you and good luck to everyone.

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Preview of “Dubbed The Masked Kidnapper.” Release Date: Friday, December 5, 2014




If Jackie Trumpleton was anything, wearing the mask of a victim, pun intended, was not in her exhaustive repertoire. She had forgotten that minor detail momentarily as the cab bored down Interstate 95 South from the Arlington Detention Facility to her residence in Old Town Occoquan, where she anticipated reveling in some quiet time. She had obviously overlooked another detail, which wasn’t so inconsequential, as the taxi turned left on Mill Street from Gordon Boulevard and then right onto Poplar Lane.

At eight o’clock in the morning, a crowd lined the streets. Men, women, children, and even babies in strollers and carriers looked as if they were expecting the Macy’s Day Parade or maybe even the funeral of a celebrity. It took Jackie several minutes to realize the gathering was reserved in her honor, or dishonor. The gawkers were out in full force, stationed since five in the morning to stake their spot, to see what had caused the pandemonium on the 128-square-foot acres of their quaint town.

As the cab drove by Ebenezer Baptist Church on the right, Jackie could have sworn as they passed the big white house on the left with a wraparound porch, an elderly black man sitting in a rocking chair with the largest dog she had ever seen in her life laying at his feet, mouthed the words “we forgive you,” which contradicted the glares from the majority of white onlookers.

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Gwen Pegram’s New Novel, “Dubbed The Masked Kidnapper,” will be released December 5, 2014

The suspense continues with another work of fiction by Author Gwen Pegram.

Dubbed The Masked Kidnapper is a sequel to The Missing Five.

In this novel, protagonist Jackie Trumpleton finds herself in the crosshairs of local police departments, the FBI, and Maurice Johnston, an irate Arlington police chief who wants her prosecuted for the ungodly crimes she committed across Virginia, Maryland, and DC.

Finally, when a multijurisdictional grand jury returns a true bill of indictment, Jackie is forced to confront her accuser in a court of law, who is not the alleged victims, but her brother who snitched on her to the FBI.

Jackie could not have imagined the damage her transgressions would cause to all the people in her life, or the long-held secrets that would be uncovered because of her alleged crimes.

She hires high-powered, brilliant trial attorney David Arnold Stone to represent her on the thirty counts she is charged with. Prosecutor Eric Calhoun has no idea who and what he is up against.

Therein, the drama continues.

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Clyde Hariston’s Abduction (Episode 5 Teaser)

The Missing Five Cover SmashwordClyde Hariston’s wife, Rochelle, demands that he contacts the Arlington PD to notify them of his abduction two weeks ago from the Lake Barcroft neighborhood, a hidden gem in Arlington. Rochelle gave Clyde an order because it was no way in hell that she believed one word of what he alleged happened to him. “Either file a police report,” she said, “or you’re a bold-faced liar.”

Clyde’s alibi why he had not come home that night — “I was held captive against my will by an unknown female assailant who sexually assaulted me.” And with a loss of memory, he found himself sitting on the same park bench that he disappeared from, with no recollection of how he returned. This is the tale he expected his wife to believe.

When an officer takes the police report and relays the call to his comrades in the Arlington PD, it takes all the will power the chief of police, lieutenant, sergeant, detective, and officers can muster not to laugh out loud, but it doesn’t work. They let loose and the guffaw is contagious.

The officers end up going to the Hariston’s home because according to Clyde’s wife, “he is just too distraught to come down to the police station.”

This drama is a soap opera in the making.

Read what happens when the officers arrive, The Missing Five is available in paperback via and Barnes and, and via download on any eReader via for only $1.98 until January 31 using coupon code KR76Y.

Stay tuned for Episode 6 Teaser.

Please leave a review on Goodreads, Amazon, Smashwords, or Barnes and Noble letting Gwen know your feedback on her debut novel. Thank you.

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Episode 3 Teaser: The Voice of Ron Brown

the-missing-five-cover-smashwordI am Ron Brown, one of the middle-aged African-American men who disappears in Gwen Pegram’s debut novel, The Missing Five. From the narrator’s point of view, I am described as a cheating husband. Okay, I won’t win any “husband of the year award” but I think compared to other husbands that I know, I’m not that bad. Seriously, I could be worse. At least, I don’t bring the nonsense into our home. If Rhonda–that’s my wife–wasn’t so damn nosy and always snooping around, going through my wallet and searching my pants’ pockets looking for women phone numbers, she wouldn’t find anything. I don’t go through her personal belongings. Why? Because I trust her, that’s why! I bet you’re sitting there reading this and assuming that I must have given her reason to mistrust me. Well okay, you caught me. But, hell, if she would just back off, just a lil’bit because I really do love the fine-ass woman in spite of my cheating ways. I know that one day–no time soon however–I could be the husband she wants, the husband she deserves. Well, that was before she destroyed all my clothes. Yep, you heard me right. She took scissors and shredded the front of every button down shirt, amputated one leg of every pair of pants, … Oh, you think that’s funny, do you? Let’s see how funny you think it is when I murder that stank ho. Yep, I said it. I called her a stank ho!

Okay, that’s all I’m going to disclose right now. But there’s definitely more to our marriage and you can read all about it by purchasing Gwen Pegram’s debut novel, The Missing Five. The book is available today! via eReader at and in paperback via and Barnes and

Stay tuned for Episode 4 Teaser.

Please leave a review on Goodreads, Amazon, Smashwords, or Barnes and Noble letting Gwen know your feedback on her debut novel. Thank you.

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When Oprah Calls …

gwenpegrampublishing… It’s all about the back cover of The Missing Five.

It is a beautiful sight when professional women come together to support one another. That is exactly what happened at my “second” signing hosted by Sophie Dunbar, owner of Creative Hands, on December 21 for my debut novel, The Missing Five.

This first day of Winter, which displayed a record-breaking temperature of 72 degrees, was a wonderful backdrop for us to discuss five middle-aged African-American men, missing without a trace, in the Washington, DC, metropolitan area.

One newly met fan, Claretta, adamantly said, “Well, I’m buying a book because I need to find one of these missing men for myself.” She went on to say, jokingly, that there is already a black man shortage in DC and now they’re disappearing! No wonder black women can’t find a man.” We laughed.

Another fan, Patricia, said she loved the cover, especially the back of the book. She wanted to know who created the cover. I’m proud to say that I created the cover.

Back of BookAngie, a former coworker, turned my novel over and said, “DAMN! Who is that glamorous woman on the back?”

A secret about the photograph that I will only disclose here on my blog (wink, wink). The picture was taken in 2002 at a corporate holiday function. It’s the best picture I’ve ever taken and I’ve always loved it.

So, when I started writing my debut novel, The Missing Five, this photo was my inspiration of what my protagonist, Jackie Trumpleton, would look like–a confident, middle-aged African-American woman who was stunning when she got dolled up.

I love repeating the conversation I had with my oldest girlfriend when she first saw the cover. “You don’t look like that right now!” she exclaimed. My stock answer. “Yeah, but I will look exactly like that when Oprah calls and invites me on her show.” Everyone at the signing laughed. My friends know, without question, it’s a fact that’s easily fulfilled when I get the call. Note that I didn’t say “if” I get the call.

Last Saturday was another successful signing. We, the professional women, had loads of fun networking and bonding with one another.

To find out what happened to these middle-aged African-American men, buy my debut novel at:, Barnes and, or for your eReader at

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A Q&A with Author Gwen Pegram, The Missing Five

the-missing-five-cover-smashwordWhat inspired you to write your first book?

I’ve always wanted to write a book. I’m a procrastinator and just kept putting it off. There are many stories in my head that I want to put on paper, but I just never got to it. Then one day my brother showed me an article in a local newspaper where an author self-published her debut novel and I knew it was time for me to either do my business or get off the pot, so to speak.

Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?

Absolutely! “People, you have to follow your dreams and not allow anything or anyone to dissuade you, stand in your way, or lead you in a different direction. This is your life. Enjoy it! You only have one.”

How much of the book is realistic?

Once you read my story, you can decide for yourself if it’s realistic or not. I believe it is very realistic, even though it’s fiction. Continue Q&A

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