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Episode 3 Teaser: The Voice of Ron Brown

the-missing-five-cover-smashwordI am Ron Brown, one of the middle-aged African-American men who disappears in Gwen Pegram’s debut novel, The Missing Five. From the narrator’s point of view, I am described as a cheating husband. Okay, I won’t win any “husband of the year award” but I think compared to other husbands that I know, I’m not that bad. Seriously, I could be worse. At least, I don’t bring the nonsense into our home. If Rhonda–that’s my wife–wasn’t so damn nosy and always snooping around, going through my wallet and searching my pants’ pockets looking for women phone numbers, she wouldn’t find anything. I don’t go through her personal belongings. Why? Because I trust her, that’s why! I bet you’re sitting there reading this and assuming that I must have given her reason to mistrust me. Well okay, you caught me. But, hell, if she would just back off, just a lil’bit because I really do love the fine-ass woman in spite of my cheating ways. I know that one day–no time soon however–I could be the husband she wants, the husband she deserves. Well, that was before she destroyed all my clothes. Yep, you heard me right. She took scissors and shredded the front of every button down shirt, amputated one leg of every pair of pants, … Oh, you think that’s funny, do you? Let’s see how funny you think it is when I murder that stank ho. Yep, I said it. I called her a stank ho!

Okay, that’s all I’m going to disclose right now. But there’s definitely more to our marriage and you can read all about it by purchasing Gwen Pegram’s debut novel, The Missing Five. The book is available today! via eReader at and in paperback via and Barnes and

Stay tuned for Episode 4 Teaser.

Please leave a review on Goodreads, Amazon, Smashwords, or Barnes and Noble letting Gwen know your feedback on her debut novel. Thank you.

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Book Signing at Crystal City Starbucks

StarbucksMeet local author, Gwen Pegram, and get a signed copy of her debut novel, The Missing Five.

$2 Loaded Starbuck Card for the first 20 patrons who purchase a book.

DATE:      Monday, January 6, 2014

TIME:       9:00am – 1:00pm

WHERE:  2231 Crystal Drive, Crystal City

The Author will also sign pre-purchased copies, which are available at:

Online retailers: & Barnes and


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“A wonderful literary surprise…,” says Claudette Davis

The Missing Five Cover Smashword

5.0 out of 5 stars A wonderful literary surprise…., December 16, 2013

By Claudette Jones Davis – Amazon Verified Purchase

My book arrived yesterday and I am already about halfway through it. Gwen, you have a gift for writing. The detail is incredible. I will continue to promote and sing The Missing Five’s praise. I am so proud of you and Jackie Trumpleton. I was not expecting that caliber of writing in your first book. You are an AUTHOR. I am looking forward to reading many more of your books.

Paperback: and Barnes &


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“Intriguing All The Way,” says Deborah Finley on

Debbie and Gwen5.0 out of 5 stars          Intriguing All The Way, December 14, 2013

After having had the opportunity to hear the author reading excerpts from the book, I had to purchase it. I love a good mystery and “The Missing Five” truly piqued my interest. Her skill in creating detailed images gives the reader an ability to create a face for each characters. Each chapter sets the scene for an exciting rollercoaster-like read. I look forward to the sequel.
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Book Giveaway — The Missing Five

booksDear Fans,

You purchased my debut novel, The Missing Five. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Now, get a FREE paperback — signed and delivered.

I’m giving away a total of 20 books in exchange for your review on, Barnes &, or

Here are the guidelines:

  1. Review my debut novel, The Missing Five
  2. Write a review of at least 100 words
  3. Please, no spoilers
  4. Post the review on:
    • Amazon or Barnes & Noble, if you purchased from the online retailers.
    • Goodreads, if you purchased directly from me.

If you need ideas about writing a review, here is a link to Goodreads: (You may need to join; it’s free).

I will also post your reviews and the names of the 20 recipients of The Missing Five on my blog at (Just shoot me an email once you’ve submitted your review letting me know where it is posted, along with your mailing address, and I’ll ship your signed book).

I look forward to reading your reviews, which will jump-start the sequel. Yes, there will be a sequel and the anticipated published date is October 2014.

Thank you all again for the wonderful compliments, purchasing my debut novel, positive oral reviews, and supporting me..

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When a Celebrity Believes You Are a Celebrity

Gwen and JimIt’s not often when one gets a chance to rub shoulders with a celebrity. Well, I experienced more than that when Jim Vance, along with my girlfriend of 29 years, offered to host my very first Reading for my debut novel, The Missing Five.

The Reading was a huge success because Miriam Rudder planned the event with grace, style, and proper attitude when she told guests that she adamantly refused to believe the sponsors of the More Magazine marathon, New York Road Runners, when they told her I had completed the half marathon. She informed them that she would call the Po-Po if they didn’t find her girlfriend–me. Long story short: I was still out there in Central Park, somewhere, trekking along to complete the marathon. NOTE: I finished my first marathon in 6 hours and 23 minutes–slow, but I ran across the finish line. I did it!attitude

Miriam went on to tell that she has learned when Gwen Pegram says she’s going to do something, she does it. “Don’t bet against Gwen,” she warned guests.

Thank you Miriam and Jim for believing in me and for hosting a wonderful Saturday afternoon event as we ate, drank, and had great camaraderie with family and friends.

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A Successful Reading and Signing for my debut novel, The Missing Five

MaryAgnes2I am still in awe, very excited, and the whole experience was surreal, even so three days later.

My best friend of 29 years asked me if she could have a reception (reading and signing) in my honor at a dear friend’s house. Approximately 40 guests–family and friends–attended.

I ordered 40 books. Not only did I sell them all, I took orders for 13 more. I’m so glad I had a Square to take advance orders.

Audience2The experience was both exciting and humbling. The Reading was a huge success. The guests complimented me and told me that it was “how I told the story that sold my book.” Many could not believe this was my first Reading. I learned something that day–it’s really about selling yourself first and selling the book second. It’s true because after the Reading, people who had already purchased a book decided to purchase another to give as gifts. Some of the guests that were there had already purchased a book from Amazon.

Another thing happened. Three other guests asked if they could host a Reading/Signing for me. Of course, I said yes. My next Reading is December 21st.

GwenI could say that I was lucky but I won’t. I prepared for this Reading. Once I selected the four chapters that I would read excerpts from, each morning I practiced reading into a recorder and replayed it to hear myself tell the story. So at the actual reading, I was calm, composed, and confident as I looked out at my audience and smiled, while telling my story.

I am still beaming from ear to ear.

My debut novel, The Missing Five, is available from Amazon:

and at for eReaders.

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