The Arlington PD (Episode 6 Teaser)

26 Jan

Gwen3The Author Reads an Excerpt from The Missing Five

You could hear the thunderous male guffaw before the elevator doors fully opened on the sixth floor of the Arlington police department. It was as if Lieutenant Neathers and Sergeant Gable were entering the final inning of a baseball game that had exceeded three extra innings. The closer the men got to their cubicles, the louder the sound escalated.

The station was no different from any other police station throughout the DMV (District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia) metropolitan area. Cheap desk, cheap chairs, cheap carpet, and the stench of week-old coffee. The one saving grace in this particular station was the camaraderie amongst the blues. They got along and enjoyed working with one another. A code of ethics wasn’t needed to tell them to watch each other’s back. It was a foregone conclusion that they would, no matter the sacrifice.

The sergeant and lieutenant heard this mirth many times before, but on this occasion it sounded entirely different. Something was happening that was downright hilarious and they wanted to see what the commotion was all about. As they turned the corner, they bumped into a rookie who was doubled over, gasping for air. He tried to say hello but no words came forth.

The lieutenant looked over at the captain and noticed that he had lost composure too. He was chuckling so hard that fluids exited his body. Tears squirted from his eyes, snot ran from his nose, and saliva sprayed from his lips. The captain removed a vile looking handkerchief from his back pocket and dabbed it all over his face.

The only female, Detective Lindon, refused to participate in this belly laughing. She was the most composed and acted the most civil. But, the hilarity of the circumstances had become contagious and she could not escape it. She squirmed out of her chair and walked with her legs tightly crossed to the ladies room, praying she would make it before she peed in her pants.

“What’s so funny?” Neathers asked.

There was so much ruckus that the officers didn’t notice or hear him. It didn’t seem like the cachinnation would ever subside.

“Hey guys,” Neathers repeated louder over the uproar. “What’s so damn funny?”

Everyone looked toward Neathers and Gable. It took a moment before anyone could respond intelligently. “Well, give it up,” he said.

“Okay lieutenant, okay. You’re not going to believe this one,” Officer Cooper said. “We got this call from a Clyde Hariston and his wife claiming that he was abducted two weeks ago, held against his wishes in this mansion, and get this, raped by an unknown assailant.”

Gable eyes opened wide, not comprehending. “He was raped by a man!”

This caused another outburst, but this time at Gable.

“No, no,” Cooper said, shaking his head. “A woman.”

Stay tuned for Episode 7 Teaser. Get immersed in this mystery by purchasing The Missing Five, which is available in paperback via and Barnes and, and by download on any eReader via for only $1.98 until February 5 using coupon code KR76Y.

Please leave a review on Goodreads, Amazon, Smashwords, or Barnes and Noble letting Gwen know your feedback on her debut novel. Thank you.

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